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There are many spelling variations for the Clan Hay surname. Included are families (known as Septs) with different surnames from the original Clan name. Throughout the centuries, surnames have continued to “develop” often leading to astonishing variants of the original Hay spelling. 

The Hay Clan Crest which, all members are entitled to wear, is from the crest on the top of the Clan Hay Chief’s “Coat of Arms”. The complete Hay Coat of Arms is displayed only by the Clan Chief and passes down directly to his eldest son. The wearing of your Clan Chief’s Crest, is a way of honoring your Chief, your Clan association and your Hay Family Ancestry.

We make this Scottish collection of Clan Hay Crest Jewelry and Wall Crest as your link to your Scottish Ancestry. 


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HAY CLAN History


Clan Chief:                 Sir Merlin Sereld Victor Gilbert Hay, 32nd Chief.

Origin of Name:         French, "hail" 

Gaelic Name:             MacGaraidh

Clan Crest:                 A Falcon flying

Clan Motto:                Serva jugum" meaning in Latin "Keep the yoke".

Lands:                        Aberdeenshire, and Slain,

The crest derives from Hay legend, detailing how the Clan repelled a Danish invasion at Luncarty, using only ox yokes as weapons. The King is said to have released a falcoln, and granted the Hays land in the direction that the proud bird flew.

Clan Hay has been an honoured and influential Clan from Scotland’s earliest times. The Hays descend from a powerful Norman family, the de la Hayes, who came to the British Isles following William I’s conquest of England in 1066. William de la Hay, the first Hay recorded in Scotland, held the distinguished position of heriditary cupbearer to both King Malcolm IV and King William I. A steadfast supporter of the Scottish monarchs, William volunteered himself as a hostage to the English to secure King William the Lyon’s release from southern captivity. The grateful king magnificently rewarded his gallant companion, granting him the barony of Erroll in Perthshire in 1178.

The Hays soon married into the old Celtic and Pictish aristocracy, whose royal blood flows through Hay veins to the present day.

Clan Hays’ close affinity with the monarchy continued through the centuries, ensuring their ascent to glory. The Hays were among the most loyal supporters of the great Robert the Bruce during the 14th century War of Independence. After the Scottish victory at the Battle of Bannockburn in 1314, Sir Gilbert, 5th Lord Erroll was granted the highest honours for his Clan’s fealty. Bruce granted the Clan lands in Slain, Aberdeenshire, and made Sir Gilbert the Heriditary Lord High Constable of Scotland. This is a revered position which takes precedence over all other Scottish heriditary title holders, other than those of royal blood. The title, still held by the Hay chiefs, entitles the holder to have jurisdiction over all matters of affray arising within a 4 mile radius of the Queen when she stays in Scotland. It is testament to Bruce’s esteem of the Hay fighting spirit that he also made Sir Gilbert the Heriditary Commander of the Royal Bodyguard. This honour cost the Clan two chiefs, and innumerable Clansmen. The 6th Lord Errol was killed at the Battle of Neville’s Cross in 1346, fighting beside his sovereign David II. The Clan Hay also made a hefty sacrifice at the Battle of Flodden, where King James the IV was slain in 1513. The 4th Earl of Errol fell beside his monarch, along with John, 2nd Lord Hay, 87 gentlemen of the name Hay, and countless Hay warriors.

The current Chief is Sir Merlin Sereld Victor Gilbert Hay, 32nd Chief of Clan Hay, 12th Baronet Moncreiffe, 24th Earl of Erroll, the Lord High Constable of Scotland, currently resides in Hampshire, England.

The Hay Clan crest is a Falcon flying and the proud Hay clan motto reads "Serva jugum" meaning in Latin "Keep the yoke".

 Our Scottish Heritage is the common bond that unites our Hay family name forever.

Septs/Spelling Variations of HAY CLAN