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Clan Donald or MacDonald, is the largest and most powerful of all the Highland clans and their influence has assured them a major position in the history of Scotland. The MacDonalds dominated all of the Isles and large areas of Western Scotland which, for centuries, they ruled like an independent kingdom under their Chief, The Lord of the Isles. With the unswerving loyalty of the other Clans in their Highland confederation - such as the MacFies, MacKinnons, MacLeans, Macleods, MacNeils and the MacQuarries the Clan progressed from strength to strength. Such was the success of their fleets and their armed power that they were looked upon as a threat to the Crown of Scotland itself. By the end of the fourteenth century, their expansion had been curtailed but they remained a dominant force in Scotland.

The MacDonald clan descended from Somerled of the Isles, the great Scottish warrior lord and gifted leader, who, in the 12th Century, sailed from his base in the Isle of Skye against the Norsemen and ousted them from the Western mainland and the Isles. The Clan Donald inherited its name from Somerled’s grandson, Donald of Islay. The motto of the Clan is "Per mare per terras" -"By sea and by land" - referring to the power of the MacDonalds on both the land and the Western Seas.

Scotland’s Highlanders have long been renowned for their fierce fighting nature and the MacDonalds have well proven their highland blood. From the victory in 1314 over the English at the battle Bannockburn and the rebellion of 1745, when the Clan was the first to rally to Bonnie Prince Charlie’s standard, the MacDonald’s willingness to fight for Scotland has been well demonstrated. This tradition of Somerled has continued, with many Generals and soldiers of renown carrying the Clan name. One notable, Flora MacDonald, risked her life to help Prince Charles escape, emigrated to America and later raised a company of Highlanders there to fight during their War of Independence.

The current chief of Clan Donald is Godfrey Macdonald, 8th Baron Macdonald of Macdonald and 34th Chief of Clan Donald. He resides on the Isle of Skye, Ostaig House, near to the Clan’s ancient stronghold, Armadale Castle.

 The MacDonald Clan Crest is a crown from which a hand in armour is holding a cross and the proud Clan MacDonald motto "Per Mare Per Terras" means (By sea and by land).

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