• Clan MacGregor History

    To the west and north of Loch Lomond, amidst some of the most wild and beautiful countryside in Scotland, encompassing Glenlyon, Glenorchy, Glenstrae and Glengyle, lies the ancient homeland of the MacGregors. The Clan is also known as McGregor, "Mac" being Gaelic for "son of" and the "Mc" prefix being an abbreviation of this. The Clan descends from King Alpin, who reigned in the ninth century and this is reflected in their motto - ‘S Rioghal Mo Dhream, - Gaelic for "Royal Is My Race". The MacGregors were both famed and feared for their fighting abilities and fierce warlike nature and were forever defending their lands against larger clans, especially the Campbells. 
  • Clan Anderson History

    Of all the Clans of Scotland, it is the Anderson name which is bound most intrinsically to the bedrock of Scottish culture. The origin of the name is linked closely to the exalted figure of St Andrew, the patron saint of Scotland, as the name means both "son of Andrew" and "servant of St Andrew". As is often the case with Scottish Clans there are two forms of the name and in the Highlands the Clan is known as MacAndrew ("mac" meaning "the son of" in the Gaelic tongue), with the name Anderson being more widespread in the lowland areas of Scotland.
  • Clan Cameron History

    There are few Highland Clans of greater antiquity than the mighty Clan Cameron. While the Clan is known to be of a much more ancient origin, the earliest recorded chief is Donald Dubh, who, with the typical ferocious spirit of his Clan, fought on the side of the Lord of the Isles in the Battle of Harlow in 1411. The origin of the Cameron’s name is said to derive from....
  • Clan Fraser History

    The Clan Fraser are said to descend from the French lords of Frezeliere, a great noble family invited to Scotland by William the Lion in 1165. The Frasers were granted land in East Lothian, and their gallant deeds soon made them a highland Clan of some repute.
  • Clan Gordon History

    Clan Gordon, one of the most influential clans in the history of Scotland, draws it’s name from "Gor Dun" (Celtic for "great hill fort") in their original territory of Berwickshire in the borders of Scotland. The family settled in this area early in the twelfth century on the lands which were granted to them by King David 1 and retained estates there for three centuries.
  • Clan Robertson History

    Robertson, that fierce and warlike clan, traces it's lineage down from the ancient Celtic hereditary Abbots of Dunkeld. These Abbots were not always gentle Churchmen, as they traditionally led the vanguard of the army into battle. Bethoc, the daughter of King Malcolm 11 married the Abbot Crinan (killed in battle in 1045) and in 1034 their first son became King Duncan 1, who was later murdered by Macbeth.
  • Clan MacDonald History

    Clan MacDonald History - Clan Donald or MacDonald, is the largest and most powerful of all the Highland clans and their influence has assured them a major position in the history of Scotland. The MacDonalds dominated all of the Isles and large areas of Western Scotland which, for centuries, they ruled like an independent kingdom under their Chief, The Lord of the Isles. Such was the success of their fleets and their armed power that they were looked upon as a threat to the Crown of Scotland itself.