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Forbes Clan Crest Pendant - large

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This larger Forbes Clan Crest pendant with cut-out detail carries the motto "Grace me guide"; the crest is a stag's head. This jewelry piece is a wearable connection to your Scottish ancestry and measures about 2.5cm by 3cm (just under an inch by just over an inch). It can be made to order in sterling silver or gold.

The Forbes family name has a number of different spelling variations. Clan members include those from families who are associated with the clan but have surnames different to the clan name (septs).

All clan members are entitled to wear the Forbes family Crest badge when it is encircled by a belt and buckle. The crest is from the Clan Forbes Chief's Coat of Arms, and only the Clan Chief can display the complete Forbes Coat of Arms, which is passed down directly to their heir.