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MacLaren Clan Crest Pendant - large

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This beautiful MacLaren Clan Crest pendant by Scot Jewelry carries the MacLaren Crest of a lion’s head wearing an antique crown between two branches of laurel from a wreath at either side and the proud MacLaren clan motto, “Creag an tuirc" meaning "The boar's rock". This MacLaren clan pendant is a great choice for both men and women wanting a larger pendant. The cut-out detail highlights this Scottish clan pendant beautifully, and the lettering and lines of the crest are antiqued for contrast.

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The MacLaren Clan Crest which all members are entitled to wear, is from the crest on the top of the Clan Chief’s “Coat of Arms”. The complete MacLaren Coat of Arms is displayed only by the Clan Chief and passes down directly to their heir. The wearing of your Clan Chief’s Crest is a way of honoring your Chief, your Clan association and your Scottish Family Ancestry. Other spellings include McLaren.